Teatro Felipe Carrillo Puerto

The New Theater of Felipe Carrillo Puerto embodies a community deeply rooted in ancient Mayan construction techniques using natural materials that harmonize with its surroundings. Situated amidst lush vegetation, the municipality’s unique geographical setting, nestled between mangroves and low deciduous jungle, makes it a vital sanctuary for various wood species.

The tradition of woodworking in the region encompasses a wide range of practices, from crafting woven lamps to constructing buildings. Each piece of wood is meticulously utilized in workshops by local artisan women for both personal use and sale. The craftsmanship in rattan and wood holds significant cultural value and has been actively promoted. This artisanal approach extends to construction practices, which are organized within the community ejidos, facilitating the certification of wood and minimizing the environmental impact of construction and transportation.



Secretaría de desarrollo agrario, territorial y urbano

Year of completion

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico

Total area
1.000 m2

Site area
1.600 m2

Andrés Cedillo

Project Partners

PROVIMEX; Pete Inostrosa

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