Tarta Task Chair

Good posture is essential to ensure healthy well-being. Tarta task chair offers a seat with an attractive design and a flexible postural backrest to better adapt to the movements of the spinal column. The seat cushion is made of foam rubber and wood: an organic material whose warm tones help create a homely atmosphere that inspires hospitality and serenity. The pivot of the system is constitued by the central column, formed by “vertebrae” connected to each other through bands os springs. The modular and elastic structure makes this product unique: it is able to support the user but also to give him the freedom of movement. In conclusion, it is possible to adjust the tension of the double blades positioned under the seat to obtain a more enveloping seat.


Delineodesign, Italy

Orthosanit Diffusion Srl, Italy

Year of production

Delineo Design

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