Personal data:

– Born on 04/06/1984 in Ruse, Bulgaria
– Graduates from the First English Language School in Sofia in 2003
– Graduates from the University for Architecture, Civic Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia in 2009

Professional data:

– 2006-2007 – works at Amfion architecture studio
– 2007-2008 – works at aedes architecture studio
– 2010 – co-founds dontDIY architecture and design studio (with Stefan Minkoff and Hristo Stankushev)
– 2014 – co-founds Almost Furniture (with Stefan Minkoff and Hristo Stankushev)

Awards and achievements:

– 2009г – finalist in the upto35 competition in Athens (dontDIY)
– 2010г – realizes Project 01 together with Kiril Kuzmanov and Vladiya Mihaylova for Sariev Contemporary gallery in Plovdiv
– 2010г – 1st price from “Nash Dom” magazine (Design Aid Bureau)
– 2012г – 1st price from the Passive House Bulgaria competition (dontDIY)
– 2012г – 3rd price from the competition for redesign of Studio 5 of BNT (dontDIY)
– 2013г – Quality of Production award at the Mikser Festival 2013 (Almost)
– 2015г – Silver A’Design Award for the First Table (Almost)
– 2018г – Big SEE Design Award for the 4th Armchair (Almost)
– 2018г – Big SEE Wood Award for the First Table (Almost)
– 2018г – Silver Award from the European Product Design Award for the First Table (Almost)
– 2018г – shortlisted finalist with the 4th Armchair at the WIN Awards 2018 (Almost)


4th Armchair

4th Armchair; Almost │BIG SEE Awards 2018


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