Sumu Yakushima -Regenerative Life Studio-

Yakushima Island is a natural paradise in southern Japan. This innovative housing project applies “regenerative architecture” to reconceptualize the relationship between human habitation and nature. The name Sumu means both “to live” and “to become clear,” expressing its core concept of living in a way that positively impacts the landscape. Instead of being a discrete site, the design takes a holistic view of the entire river basin, from the mountains to the sea, making a positive contribution to natural processes.

It applies “regenerative architecture,” a new approach developed that combines traditional Japanese civil engineering with contemporary technology. By designing the underground environment and engaging the buildings in a constructed mycelial network, it promotes biodiversity in the soil. Sumu’s design changes our relationship with nature, and its unique approach has the potential to accelerate environmental initiatives if more widely applied.


Tsukasa Ono

Sumu Yakushima

Year of completion

Yakushima, Japan

Total area
162 m2

Site area
2.548 m2

Nishi Rui

Project Partners

Moss Guide Club

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