MODO architecture + design is an established architectural + interior design studio based in Livorno, Tuscany (Italy), created through a collaboration between Sondra Pantani and Pietro Marsili, both graduates in Architecture at the University of Florence.
The studio deals with all aspects of architecture and interior design, covering each and every aspect of your project from concept to completion.

We exercise our creativity and passion for architectural and interior design, introducing new and exciting ideas and concepts into a wide range of residential, commercial, hospitality and workplace spaces. We pay special attention to the details and materials of each place, making sure that our work is original, unique and fitting for each client. We do this by also respecting the surrounding environment and the singularity of each space.

Sondra Pantani, born in 1982, graduated in Communications at the University of Bologna and in Architecture at the University of Florence. She gained her professional experience working at Archea Associates in Florence prior to opening MODO.

Pietro Marsili, born in 1983, graduated in Environmental Science at the University of Pisa and in Architecture at the University of Florence. He gained his professional experience working with Q-BIC studio in Florence prior to opening MODO. Pietro is also known in the international electronic music scene as Taster Peter: music producer and DJ as well as owner of Extravaganza record label.

Pietro and Sondra have also been a couple outside of work since 2008 and they get married in 2017.


Little Venice Hair

Little Venice Hair; MODO architettura + design; Sondra Pantani, Pietro Marsili │BIG SEE Awards 2018


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