Skinners Compression 2.0

Skinners 2.0 sock shoes were developed primarily as compact gym footwear to provide users with the maximum level of grip, comfort, and natural posture in combination with a reasonable level of protection. Manufactured on feet-friendly ergonomic lasts with zero drop tilt, Skinners increase athlete′s proprioception and equal bodyweight distribution towards the surface more than other footwear traditionally used in gyms – running shoes or socks. The multi-layer one-piece 3D knit with torsional channels and removable insole profoundly affects the moisture-wicking ability and provides a true second-skin feeling. A newly developed combination of artificial and natural yarns optimizes the functional properties on the inner side of the knit while securing a durable pilling-free design of the product on the outer side. The variable compression system stabilizes the ankle and calf, adapts accordingly to the wearer′s posture, and does not limit blood flow to the toes area. Patented zero-waste technology behind flexible anti-abrasive sole made out of Swedish polymers not just seamlessly connects knit and sole without the use of any glues but also makes the product repeatedly machine washable.


Petr Prochazka, Michaela Steinhauser, Eliska Otevrelova

Skinners Technologies s.r.o.

Year of production

Michal Kaspar

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