SINNERSCHRADER OFFICES by KURZ architects; Czech Republic

‘Form follows function’, one of the strongest mantras of modern architectures found another tight fit at the new studio premises of SinnerSchrader in Prague. The Czech based Kurz architects designed a new office space in an old industrial building. Both, the architects and the German based digital agency, combined the ideas of interior and digital architectures. Throughout the course of a half-year period, they used agile processes to plan, build and create a space for 60 digital workers. With a fixed budget and timing, the scope of the solution was constantly re-prioritised and iterated upon – in an open, joyful and proactive manner. Trust and willingness to execute stood in the foreground of the international collaboration. Elements like building blocks, frameworks and a strict design system were the common ground in both the architects and the digital agencies worlds and orbiting around these fostered their joint journey.

The space emits calmness, clarity, strength and transparency. It focuses on the human, not on company hierarchies or to impress others. It’s a home for SinnerSchrader. The studio space meets the agency’s obsession with informal exchange across all disciplines, providing plenty of communication areas – whether in translucent meeting cubes, the large kitchen space, hanging chairs or focus areas.

The studio is structured according to the needs of individual teams. Interdisciplinarity. UX, design, technology. Diversity can be found all around the studio, achieved by using a range of materials, from Marmoleum, zinc-coated metal sheets and polycarbonate boards to woolen carpets and wooden plywood. Highlighted by the combination of old and new Czech furniture design.

The connecting element and main motif of the studio is a diagonal axis which acts as the main corridor, a skate park and route that gradually opens all elements and spaces in an unpredictable and surprising fashion. This axis, which starts at the main entrance and ends at the open terrace, lends a dynamic to the entire space, connecting the individuals and teams.

Text provided by the authors of the project.


KURZ architects


Year of completion

Prague, Czech Republic

Total area
700 + 200 m²

Portrait photo: Lucie Fenclová

Project Partners

OK Atelier s.r.o., MALANG s.r.o.

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