In 1984, the first tower was built on Veľká Homola. The one from 2001 had to be removed in 2017 due to its poor technical condition. The city of Modra had planned to launch an architecture competition for a design of new tower, but residents run a petition requesting that design of the new tower should be based on the composition of the previous one. This became, along with the requirements for technical quality, a new assignment. The new tower was opened in October 2018.







About the authors:

2021 architekti, we focus on projects that we consider socially useful. Our client is mostly from the public sector. We work on any scale. We respond in formats that we consider adequate: project documentation, manual, architecture competition, report, life-size products. We want to be present in the project from the initial idea to the selection of the type of screw. We try to behave fairly.




Authors: Peter Lényi, Ondrej Marko, Jana Kvasniaková; 2021 architekti

Statics:  Kattarína Kyselová, Karol Butor; Stanislav KYSEL, s.r.o

Construction Contractor: Zikkurat s.r.o

Main Contractor: 2021 architekti, Peter Lényi,

Client: Modra, Dukelská 38, 900 01 Modra

Photos: Alexander Pravda

Location: Veľká Homoľa, Modra, Slovakia

Year of completion: 2018

Total area: 22,09 m2


Text provided by the authors of the project.