Showroom – Fink Steinhandwerk

Honest craftsmanship and regional authenticity
Interior design is something very personal and reflects the individual character of the clients. It is decisive for the atmosphere and mood that is experienced in a room. It is precisely these attributes that find their special expression in the design and execution of this new showroom – an intelligently thought-out interior design interprets sophisticated stone craftsmanship and thus creates an individual mood that can be felt immediately upon entering the premises.

Love to detail
Our many years of experience and our in-depth knowledge in the design of individual spaces have led to a special partnership with the company Fink Steinhandwerk. The task was to make the fascination for the living raw material stone tangible in a newly designed showroom. Quality, aspiration and competence are the client’s value framework – the expectation of the concept was a timeless and calm design. A single open space was designed with a lot of appreciative patience in order to convey the quality, precision and aesthetics of the theme of stone craftsmanship with special attention to regional authenticity.


Bernd Gruber GmbH

Fink Steinhandwerk

Year of completion

Oberndorf, Austria

Total area
100 m2

Alexander van Berge

Project Partners

Bernd Gruber GmbH, Fink Steinhandwerk

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