Sensations, Port du Rhin

The most important 100% wood housing project in Europe and tallest in France, the îlot Biosourcé hosts 146 flats across its 11 stories. On a concrete basement stands the CLT floors whose partitions, elevators haft and stairs are all made of CLT wood while offering spacious housing and generously letting in natural light. The technical performance enables here an optimal living quality. ‘’Sensations’’ is a demonstrative project of the vast possibilities offered by timber knowledge. The quality of bio-sourced materials and their minimal carbon footprint, lower as the wood ratio grows, are nowadays just the premises of what sustainable architecture can bring to cities.


KOZ Architects

ASP Architects

Main contractor for wood construction
Ingenierie Bois Illios

Bouygues Immobilier

Year of completion

Port du Rhin, Strasbourg, France

Total area
9.143 m2

Project Partners

Eiffage Construction, Altibois, Illois fluides, Aida acoustic engineering, Socotec

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