SAL⊥is a salt container that lets users witness and actively experience the long tradition of Mediterranean sea salt harvesting. Tabletop saltworks is meant to cherish a traditional Mediterranean craft that, unknown to most of us, is slowly disappearing. SAL⊥ mimics the sustainable manual process of sea salt harvesting used for millennia by Mediterranean salt harvesters which is still practiced today on the Croatian coastline and in other Mediterranean regions. SAL⊥ asks users to “harvest” salt using a T-shaped tool that is reminiscent of the simoussi, rakes used to manage the shallow clay ponds and salt marshes of traditional salt .  SAL⊥ features an elegant case in two variants—natural walnut or oak with dark oil finishing—crafted by Croatian woodworkers and pottery artisans. The ceramic vessel inside is coated with a waterproof enamel to enable optimal salt crystallization. All the materials are safe for alimentary use and each piece is hand finished with care resulting in unique variations.


BOIR studio, Croatia

BOIR studio, Croatia

Year of production

Marija Gašparović, Ivana Vareško

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