Reverse Sunclock Multifunctional Wall Lamp

The design is called “Reverse Sunclock Multifunctional Wall Lamp” and aspires to reconsider what a Wall Lamp is. The design matches the inseparable concepts of time and light. The result is an object that resembles a clock yet exists as a wall lamp and is based on the observation of sun clocks, where shadow and light produce the notion of time. The game between light and shadow applied onto a reverse sun clock half fiberglass half brass gives birth to a hybrid product, a ying-yang existence of time and light. As the time passes a discus gradually lights off in parts which correspond to the segmentation of a clock. The discus rotates corresponding to the different needs of direct and indirect light during the day while always indicating the time. A slimmer discus half mirror half brass behind the main one accentuates or diffuses the light. The 6 segments of fiberglass of the upper half discus gradually light off from 9am till 3pm and then the discus rotates 180 degrees. The same process occurs from 4pm to 9pm and repeats itself every 6 hours. Light and shadow change according to time offering a spectacle to the observer.


ADD Architecture Studio – Architecture & Design Services; Koutsioumaris Dionysis, Chronopoulos Argyris, Greece

ADD Architecture Studio – Architecture & Design Services, Greece

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