“Memoria composta… o della città (in)visibile” | Restoration of Piazza Garibaldi in the historic center of Bevagna (Perugia – IT)

Architecture rethinks the square as a place of “concreteness”: human and civic (for meetings, singular and collective identities) and material and architectural (for shape, light, symbol). It’s divided into sectors, proportioned on classical measurements, in review of the existing Roman and Medieval monumental structures – golden section modules – that mark the spatial grammar. The artistic-symbolic elements are compared in perspective references.

The fountain becomes a liquid memory, flanked by the sculptural group, a new allegorical theme, that dialogues, revisiting it, with the European tradition (from the Greek-Roman and Humanistic-Renaissance mythology to the modern avant-garde cinema). The playful theme of the labyrinth is superimposed on the geometric base, bordered by wooden seats, with a poetic conception of the garden: ancient numerological tradition, culture of Renaissance herbariums, civic heraldry and artistic and painting literature (Giotto, Gentile da Fabriano), taking advantage of allegorical and historical interpretations.


Massimo Berzetta Architetto

Municipality of Bevagna (Perugia) IT

Year of completion

Bevagna, Italy

Total area
1.800 m2

Site area
1.800 m2

Massimo Berzetta, Luca Petrucci

Project Partners

Main company: Zambelli s.r.l.
Partners: iGuzzini s.pa.a, BIGMAT Edilizia Ruffinelli

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