Renovation of the abandoned Cellar Space into the Info Point “Treasury of the town of Črnomelj”

The task of the project, named “The Treasury of Črnomelj”, was to turn for many years neglected basement space in the castle walls into an info point, into an attractive space on the edge of the historic town of Črnomelj, where visitors should get most of the key information when visiting, experiencing and researching the Municipality of Črnomelj and also Bela krajina through it. The cellar space was first cleaned, all excess and waste material was removed. The next step was to determine the static state of the space and the relative humidity in it. All joinery was removed. The existing entrance area with an access path was arranged along the castel wall. New penetrations are made through the wall (at the entrance and towards the parking platform) at the both sites of the existing openings. The walking surface is concrete. In accordance with the respectful attitude towards older buildings, the openings are indicated by a wooden frame and glazing that does not stand out from the surroundings. Inside, there are wooden platforms and elements to overcome the height difference. A two-height exhibition space with a gallery and outward-looking views are created. Platforms in the interior of the room are made in a combination of metal and wooden construction with a wooden walking surface. We tried to place the necessary elements of architectural and exhibition elements in it as accurately and creatively as possible, so that all orchestrated together would enable unique experiences in this space.


Atelje Ostan Pavlin d.o.o.; Nataša Pavlin, Aleksander Ostan

Kaja Vidovič

Občina Črnomelj

Year of completion

Črnomelj, Slovenia

Total area
52 m2

Aleksander Ostan

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