Calm and sophisticated apartment

The main idea of designing the interior for a couple in their mature years was to create a refined, calm and sophisticated ambience with a touch of middle class which would give the residents a sense of peace and relaxation. In materiality, the studio envisioned a neutral, calm color scheme with dominant beige, light gray and soft green tones an, for contrast, minimal accents in black. The main materials used are wood in a calm, light texture, technical stones and ceramics in imitation of onyx, furniture in gray and metal details in black as an accent. As a contrast to the calm color scheme throughout the entire apartment they designed a small toilet room in the middle of the appartment with an all-black ceramic walls, combined with muted ambient lighting. At first impression it shocks, but because of its dark and mysterious atmosphere, it offers a contemplative place to calm down. The apartment is given special emphasis by the staircase railing in black metal slats, which spirally hugs the staircase and provides special light effects with built-in lighting and the painting opus entitled »Woman«, by the Slovenian artist Irena Polanec which gives a subtle compliment to the main room in the apartment, the kitchen.


studio ARHEIN; Erika Šinkovec, Ana Jerina, Sanja Zvonković


Year of completion

Otočec, Slovenia

Total area
92 m2

AS invest d.o.o.

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Main contractor: AS INVEST d.o.o.

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