Reconstruction and modernisation of the Tišnov Open-Air Cinema

The reconstruction and modernization of the Tišnov Open-Air Cinema have been designed to meet current requirements for a multifunctional cultural complex while preserving the existing genius loci. To fulfill these requirements, almost all functional parts of the cinema have been newly built: a stage enabling the realization of small and large-scale cultural events, a comfortable auditorium meeting the visibility curve for 536 spectators, and a projection building with a bar and facilities.

The iconic steel structure of the projection screen, cleaned and statically reinforced with missing elements, remains a characteristic feature of the Tišnov Open-Air Cinema, linking the past and future. The parabolic projection screen connected to the steel structure has been replaced by a flat screen that meets new audio-visual requirements. The architectural design of the individual parts of the cinema, the choice of materials, and colors are based on a symbiosis between the open-air cinema and the surrounding countryside.


PLUS MÍNUS NULA; Pavel Hude, Lena Vitorino, Boris Hladký

Tišnov city

Year of completion

Tišnov, Czech Republic

Jan Caga

Project Partners

Tocháček spol. s.r.o.

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