Rea Vidović

Architecture publicist at LINKA, Czech Republic

Rea Vidović, originally from Croatia, holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split. With experience as a project architect working on projects of different scales and programs, she later transitioned to the Czech Republic, where she found her niche as an architecture publicist at LINKA, a prominent media communication agency specializing in architecture-related projects.
In her role at Linka, she communicates regional architecture to an international audience, with recent expansions into Spain. As Linka’s mediator between architecture, media, and the public, she endeavors to expand the regional architectural discourse beyond its borders, showcasing its ingenuity and relevance on a global scale – fostering international recognition and facilitating cross-cultural exchange within the professional community and the public.

LINKA is a media communication agency specializing in architecture-related projects. We represent architects, designers, investors, and contractors in the media.
We communicate architecture comprehensively – presenting an idea, a know-how of specialized professions, art, craft, and place. Our focus is on interdisciplinary connections, the social impact of architecture, and architectural photography.
LINKA provides high-quality photography and well-structured press kits to a wide range of prominent global media. Publishing resources are easily and quickly accessible through a unique Project Database featuring several hundred projects of different scales and typologies, curated by LINKA’s multidisciplinary team.
With a personal approach to each client and project, our media communication strategies are tailored to suit the unique characteristics of each project and the needs of our clients.

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