RD House, Vrnjak

The „RD House“ is situated in the picturesque vineyard ambience of the small village called Vrnjak, near the town of Samobor in Croatia. The cottage-style house combines basic traditional architectural forms (rectangular, slightly elongated layout under the steep sloped roof of almost 45°); local materials (wood and clay tiles) with contemporary design concept empowered with aluminium and glass.
The ground floor is designed as a single, unique space divided with the central staircase element in two basic functional zones – living area and food & dining area. Both of these zones are oriented on the large “screen-like” window wall offering truly breath-taking views on the forest and vineyard surrounding the house.
Opposite to the ground floor spaces (which absorb all of the natural and man-made elements present on the location), the first floor spaces completely denies surroundings – connecting the one, through roof windows, with universal natural element – sky.


Urbane ideje d.o.o.; Mislav Muršić

Design Collaborators
Urbane ideje d.o.o.; Tatjana Bačan (electrical installation)
Radionica statike d.o.o.; Josip Galić (construction design)
APZ Hidria d.o.o.; Damir Keglević (water and sewage)
Termoprojekting d.o.o.; Tomislav Vučinić (HVAC installation)

Building site supervision
Urbane ideje d.o.o.; Roko Dropuljić, Bojan Horvat

Land survey
Urbane ideje d.o.o.

Graphical design
Urbane ideje d.o.o.; Ranko Blažina

Expert consultant
Wienerberger d.o.o.; Josip Klarić


Year of completion

Vrnjak, Samobor, Croatia

Total area
120 m2

Site area
590 m2


Project Partners

Mat-Grad, Limat obrt, Elektro Požgaj, Instalacije Gluščić, S.B.S., HM interijeri, Samoborski vrt

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