Bench with a sideboard is a piece of furniture that is designed just after first telephones were made. It was designed in a way that telephone and a lamp can be placed on it, and in its drawer a phone book could be placed. The industry of that time wanted to make a piece of furniture that people could use to sit comfortably while talking over the phone and gossipping. Taking into account that sideboards are in a manner our specialty, it was interesting for us to recreate and improve this piece of furniture by applying our sensibility to it.




We placed ergonomy first, begining with seating panel height, than adapted its overall height for writing or reading. Drawer is designed in a way that magazines or A4 paper sheets could be placed in it. Drawer opening and its frontal angle is adapted for easier drawer opening while seating. We have installed lighting along rear side of the bench and it is of an ambient type. This solution is perfectly suitable even when bench is not being used, it can illuminate the space in which you are located, which gives it another advantage – it has a function of a lamp. The light is turned on and controlled using a wooden remote controller, which we have been developing for our products in the past year. We named this product in honor of our great Serbian scientist Mihailo Pupin, who is one of the inventors of telephone lines. The bench that made up the phone is wearing the name of a man who in a way was a phone and invented, and as an additional inspiration to incorporate light into it, we were also inspired by one of Pupin’s favorite quotes: “Knowledge is the light that illuminates our way through life leading us towards life of the future using path of eternal glory. ”





Design: Uroš Janković
Producer: WOOD LINE Design Studio
Photos: Predrag Mladenovic
Country of producer: Serbia
Year of production: 2018