Studio Moritz Pulitzer

Studio Moritz Pulitzer

Studio Moritz Putzier is a multidisciplinary design office based in Cologne. Our design services are focused on furniture and lighting as well as user orientated products and interior concepts.

Born in 1986 in Munich, Moritz Putzier moved to the North of Germany in 2007 for his studies at the University of the Arts Bremen. Already gaining freelance experience for different designers during the final years of his studies he founded his own studio in 2014 immediately after graduation. Putzier, as a young designer, can already look back to
several distinctions like the Design Plus Award and the first prize of the Pure Talents Contest amongst others. In 2015 he was selected as one of the Newcomer Finalists 2016 of the prestigious German Design Award.

His work is focused mainly on furniture and lighting as well as user orientated product design developed to solve everyday problems.
His products connect reduced shapes with natural materials often showing small technical sophistications. He himself explains his design as something “with a little twist” that prefers not to push its way into the center of attention but rather as a hidden aesthetic that defines itself through a playful attention to detail. Objects that are driven by the desire to be connected to people. " I like when the user can discover an object which doesn´t reveal every detail at first sight, when he needs to interact to find out how the product works. It is like getting to know someone." says Putzier. Today, he works in his studio in Cologne step by step setting up his design profile and always motivated and curious to be immersed in new fields. As well as working in commercially with companies like Yara, Nurus, Vista Alegre Atlantis, Pollmeier GmbH or Müller Möbelwerkstätten, he also works on self-initiated projects. Moritz Putzier teaches as a guest lecturer at the Peter Behrens School of Arts, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences.

Award / projectYear
BigSEE Wood Design Award, Winner / table light Noctus2019
table light Noctus / table light Noctus2018
SCHOTT CERAN Design Awards, 2nd prize2017
German Design Award - winner2016
German Design Award - Newcomer Finalist 2016
Pure Talents Contest 2015 - 1st prize2015
German Design Award - Newcomer Nominee 20152014
Moritz Putzier  – Product DesignerHome-review2016
Studio Moritz PutzierDomusweb2016
Moritz Putzier's lamp can be manually controlled to adjust light intensityDesignboom2016
The Moon’s Orbit Inspired This Gorgeous Table LampFast company2016
A Multipurpose Table You Can Prep, Cook, and Eat AtDesign Milk2014
Moritz Putzier designs Cooking Table for collaborative meal preparationDezeen2014
FuhrwerkswaageLichtgestalter, Cologne, Germany2018
Tortona Design WeekTortona Design Week2017
Design Week MexicoMuseo Tamayo2016
Deutscher Sparkassen VerlagDie Ästhetik der Dinge, Stuttgart, Germany2016
German Design Award ExhibitionAmbiente, Frankfurt - Germany2016
German Design Award ExhibitionMAK2016
Designers TowerIMM Cologne2016
Pure Talents ContestIMM Cologne2016
Guest lecturerPeter Behrens School of Arts2020
Guest lecturerPeter Behrens School of Arts2019

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Noctus lamp

Noctus is talented lamp with an attractive and homely design. Its design and functionality sets it apart from the regular lamps satisfying continuously changing functional needs of lighting. The
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