Plastika Skaza

Plastika Skaza

Plastika Skaza has a rich tradition, tracing its roots back to 1977. Established in Velenje, Slovenia, they have evolved from a family-owned business into a leading force in the plastic manufacturing industry. With decades of experience, they have honed their expertise in various sectors, including development supply, plastic injection molding, and creating their own brand products. Sustainability is part of their DNA. Their passion for sustainability goes hand in hand with their dedication to innovation. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, developing recycled plastics for the electronics industry, and even creating EV chargers from recycled materials – all in a bid to drive sustainable change. The design of their own brand products for organic waste handling is a testament to their values.

Years ago, they received an award for Bokashi Organko 2 composter, and this year, their organic waste bin Organko Daily has already received two prestigious design awards. This innovative product, made from post-consumer recycled plastics, has redefined how we manage organic waste. Organko Daily boasts a single-handed lid opening, countertop compatibility, and dishwasher-safe convenience, making it a game-changer in eco-friendly kitchen gadgets. Their vision is to be the partner’s first choice for developing sustainable solutions and plastic products. They envision a world where their sustainable solutions integrate into every household, empowering individuals to embrace environmentally responsible practices. They aim to co-create sustainably oriented solutions for everyday use, fostering awareness and actively contributing to a cleaner environment. It’s alarming to note that when organic waste is improperly managed, it releases 6% of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, correctly sorting organic waste at the household level is crucial. Organko Daily and other products for organic waste handling fulfills this need, making it easier for households to contribute to a greener future.

Maison & Objet 2023

SAFI Salon, Paris, France


JDC Garden Trends 2023

JDC, Marseille, France


Spoga+gafa 2023

Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany


Elmia Subcontractor Fair

Elmia, Jonkoping, Sweden



Velenje, Slovenia


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Organko Daily

Your perfect bin for responsible and sustainable organic waste management. Organko Daily is a sustainable kitchen solution for those who want to live a more circular and environmentally friendly
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