Enforma doo / Studio Enforma

Enforma doo / Studio Enforma

The architectural studio “Enforma” Ltd in Kotor, Montenegro, was founded in August 2006 by architect Nikola Novakovic with the aim of creating a team of ambitious engineers and experts gathered around the idea of a contemporary approach to creating space, architecture and design, as well as bringing them to life. In the designing, we encourage an individual approach to every new assignment, which in the end results in unique architectural products.
Our method of working is highly participatory, with clients, engineers and specialist consultants all contributing, from the very beginning of a project and throughout the design process. We are particularly interested in the integration of architecture and other design disciplines such as urban design, interior design, art and urban planning.

Over the years, we managed to implement the principles of environmental protection and sustainable design in our projects. We direct our ambitions towards creating architecture whose essence does not lie in global trends, epochs and styles, but rather in a true and substantive “answer” to every individual project. By believing that only original questions can produce original answers, we consider each new assignment as a newly asked question. During the design process, we rely on tradition, considering it not as our imperative but as our inspiration. We have defined our approach to architecture as RESPONSIVE ARCHITECTURE, which represents nothing less than the ethical relationship between the built environment and the impacts of the surrounding environment. Our architecture is searching for its essence and originality by mixing the impacts of the micro-location, nature, architectural heritage, visions and orientation, as well as the sociological impact of the social community in which we work. Such an attitude, based on empirical and theoretical knowledge and formed through many years of work on specific projects, essentially leads to the definition of the ‘Enforma’ architecture.


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