Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic

Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic


The small-scale studio aspires to transfer the founder’s personal enthusiasm for each new architectural challenge to the clients and collaborators, while inspiring them to contribute to the project in the best possible manner. During the creative process, the Architect, the Client, and the Craftsmen are fully merged from the initial design all the way to its completion. Intimate, tactile connection with a proposal is maintained throughout the procedure, simultaneously adopting a unique, multidisciplinary approach to each design brief. The aura created preserves positive psychological impact on everyday life of the User, long time after the project is completed.

Continuous inspiration is derived from the world of art, film, theatre, literature, nature, as well as from the ordinary things of everyday life with their hidden beauty. Architecture is understood as sculpting of empty spaces between solids, with the main design focus on the richness of spatial configuration and atmospheres.

Award / projectYear
A' Design Award, Apartment 24 Reconstruction, Residential Space 2020
Big SEE Interior Design Award 2020, Reconstruction of the Apartment 24, Residential2020
2A Europe Architecture Awards 2020, A 24 Reconstruction,Third Place, Residential2019-2020
36th Cycle World Architecture Community Award, A 24 Reconstruction, Realized Interior Design Projects2021
Big SEE Architecture Award 2021, Peloponnese Olive Tree Stone House, Residential2021
ArticlePublicationYear Gradnja RS2020 Architectenweb Magazine2020 Architectenweb Magazine2020 Architectenweb Magazine2020 Architectenweb Magazine2020
YEAR BOOK A' DESIGN AWARD&COMPETITION, Winner Desings 2019-2020, Award-winning interior design, page 418Designer Press2020
BIG SEE REPORT 2020, page 324Zavod BIG2020
HEBEI INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL DESIGN WEEK Rongcheng Civil Sports Center, Hebei, China2020

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