Prima Optics Premium, Pristina

As the first international retail unit for the client, PRIMA OPTICS PREMIUM in Kosovo represents the dialog of the monumental interpretation of the interior space with the detailed design of the product itself. The retail space, formed as a monolith unit, connects all surfaces in a single material, giving space for the multiple products to dominate with their unique designs. The free flowing shop fronts give an open invitation for the buyer to explore the space and product gamma within. The free flowing paths continues inside the interior dynamics, organized by few central islands that rise from the same materialization as the floors. The unified color, form and material schemes applied in the interior of the retail space, define an elegant yet accessible shopping environment.


TAKTIK Arhitektura

Prima Optics

Year of completion

Pristina, Kosovo

Total area
80 m2

TAKTIK Arhitektura

Project Partners

Mobil-El, Artemide, KARE, AS-LES Design

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