PONO Chair

PONO is a disassembled chair for school for children between 6 to 10 years old to be constructed directly in the class. As the educational process is shifting to digital learning, PONO wants to bring more ‘ hands-on’ schooling methods by creating a specific moment at the beginning of the class for the kid to assemble their own seat. Thematically, Pono is about practical teaching and contact with a changing and growing material letting kids explore creativity and problem solving with their hands. The kid will learn how to solve a children’s size puzzle, creating a relevant contrast and a balance between the learning of gestures intended for digital devices and practical ones. Playful shapes and proportions present the chair as a new character in the classroom environment, providing differentiation in the learning process and creating a new relationship between kids and furnitures that are perceived as personal creations.


Alessandro Simone, Italy

Project made for
FLOKK (Norway) in collaboration with ECAL University

Year of production

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