PLATO is a two-sided multifunctional plate that comes in five different shapes (Plato P,Q,Y,X,O) and three different types of wood (walnut, steamed walnut, maple). Enhancing the functionality of a much-used everyday object such as a plate, this beautifully imagined and carefully crafted piece has a two-sided design, leaving you with the choice – use it for everyday meals or arrange a unique combination of finger food and nibbles to share in those special moments.





Plato comes in five distinct designs, with three choices of wood: from the light but enduring maple, over lavish gradients of pure walnut to the soft intensity of its steamed counterpart. Each Plato is a story in itself, bringing the opulent textures of nature straight to your table. The playful tones of carefully selected batches of wood make no two Plato plates identical. The engaging shapes will undoubtedly inspire your everyday rituals, while the quality of the making assures us that your new friendship will last for quite some time. But mind you, we are by no means saying you should use them only for food.




Design: Antipod studio
Producer: Milan Blagojević; Traksler Workshop
Country of producer: Serbia
Brand: Folkk
Photos: Antipod studio archive
Year of production: 2016