Outdoor sauna Woody

Sauna has always been considered to support a healthy lifestyle. A garden sauna needs to complement the house itself and also the garden, so design and chosen materials are essential. The materials used are a combination of glass and wood, complemented with decor plates to make an eternal design, which goes well with any surroundings. Thermal glass is a must for such objects in order to retain as much energy as possible in the sauna. The heat source of Woody sauna is wood. They have chosen a wonderful wood-burning furnace, which can be loaded from outside of the sauna, to avoid dirt, dust, and fumes usually coming out of the furnace at loading and contaminating the interior. When loading wood from outside different weather conditions were also considered, so the sauna was equipped with a canopy, and a side closure to protect users from bad weather at wood loading. To come even closer to customer desires, there was also prepared a hybrid energy source option: a wood-burning furnace to heat sauna up, and a small electric furnace to maintain heat during the sauna process. The sauna interior is a carefully chosen combination of artificially aged wood on walls, with colour-matching thermo aspen benches. LEDs around the backrest and under the first bench are enlightening cozy interieur in many colours which can be changed remotely.


N&N d.o.o.; Bojan Črešnar

N&N d.o.o.

Year of production

Bojan Črešnar

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