On-Off: The Reversible Shop

Studios Bloomscape Architecture and Francesca Perani Enterprise teamed up to create the new store for the multi-brand retailer ON-OFF in Milan, experimenting with flexible and scalable display solutions borrowed from the construction industry for a circular future. The 100 m2 space is defined by an exposed structure in bright blue, anodised steel drywall framing combined with inserts and shelving in poplar wood. The shop is conceived as reversible in two ways: firstly, it offers the opportunity to develop any commercial premises limiting demolition and reconstruction costs; it also creates the possibility of repositioning the display elements or recycling them back to the world of construction. The project designers’ intent was to identify a single language, strongly connected to the materials used, to express the contemporary dynamics any project faces today; a creative vision answering the need for waste limitation and reduced access to refined materials.


Bloomscape Architecture/Francesca Perani Enterprise

Kicoi s.r.l.; Giacomo Inselvini

Year of completion

Milano, Italy

Total area
100 m2

Francesca Perani

Project Partners

General contractor: Ver

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