Oaktreehouse was designed for everyone who likes nature, for those who ever dreamed as a child about spending a night in the treehouse. As well the time during the day sitting on the terrace or at night sleeping near trees at an altitude of almost 6 meters.

It is designed for relax and “recharging the battery” in the unique atmosphere of the Little Carpathians. Your close neighbours become squirrels, forest birds such titmouse, woodpeckers, cuckoos, stag beetle, salamanders or hedgehogs. This place gives you exact feeling when you are in between the sky and the ground and all you need to do is to stare at night skylights throughout the tree branches with the glass of fine local wine in your hand.


OAKTREEHOUSE – Sleep in the treehouse
Authors of the story/idea: Anna Malinowska, Peter Valentsik
Investor/owner: Anna Malinowska, Peter Valentsik
Location: MODRA – Harmonia; Slovakia
Project start: 2017