NikolaTesla Fit

NikolaTesla Fit s is the latest addition to Elica’s highly successful NikolaTesla range designed to meet the exacting needs of those unwilling to renounce excellence even in small spaces. NikolaTesla Fit is the first induction hob with integrated extraction available in two versions, 60 cm or 72 cm: a concentrate of technology where cooking and extraction are perfectly integrated in a space that allows installation even in kitchen bases of only 56 cm wide. It has an extractor heart completely concealed in the induction hob. A slight pressure on the central part suffices to operate it. It is the very first compact aspiration hob. A return to the origins of the essential induction hob where the surface is continuous and in standby mode. A slight pressure on the central part activates the extraction in a perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality. The compact dimensions and shape have been designed to leave space in the cabinet and total freedom of movement on the hob with pans of any kind. The heart of this efficient and silent extraction unit is totally concealed by the glass top which covers the product discretely and elegantly.


Fabrizio Crisà, Italy

Elica spa, Italy

Year of production

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