NikolaTesla FIT 3Z

Elica presents NikolaTesla Fit 3Z, the world’s first three-zone induction hob in just 60 cm with an integrated extraction system and extra-large cooking area, designed for anyone who refuses to compromise on style and cooking space, even in the most compact kitchens. The Extra-Large zone, the largest ever integrated into an extractor hob (great for cookware as large as 30 cm, with a maximum power level of 3.6 kW), has especially been designed for preparing large meals. Cookware size is no longer a problem thanks to the Dual Zone that offers two concentric zones of 18 and 30 cm, which can be used with pots and pans of various sizes. Furthermore, there are two other separate zones of 18 and 14cm, perfect for medium to small pots and pans. The hob surface is smooth, and extraction can be switched on with a simple touch of the central glass flap. Design, compact size, multi-features and innovation are the key factors of NikolaTesla Fit 3Z, which in addition to upgrading its product line, can revolutionize the cooking experience, thanks to the first induction hob with 3-zone integrated in just 60 cm available on the market.


Fabrizio Crisà design


Year of production

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