nCAVED, Athens

nCaved is located on a small secluded rocky cove seemingly hovering just above sea level. The need of protection from the strong winds and yet the desire to take full advantage of the disarming view, led us to the decision to drill the slope and create a protected shelter which integrates to the landscape, yet maintains a dynamic presence.
A rectangular grid produces a three-dimensional “chessboard” of solids and voids .This strict geometry is discontinued with the rotation of the last axis of the grid, which intensifies the sense of perspective, projecting the imprint of the residence minimized at the conceptual end of the ascent.
In caved areas are “negative” spaces. They result from severing and removing part of the rock. This rough feeling of a natural cavity was what we aimed to recreate with our choice of materials and color palette. Stone, exposed concrete, wood and metal are used with precision to create coarse inner shells.


MOLD architects, Iliana Kerestetzi

Design team
Konstantinos Vlachoulis, Michail Xirokostas

Year of completion

Athens, Greece

Total area
360 m2

Site area
6.000 m2

Yiorgis Yerolymbos, Panagiotis Voumvakis

Project Partners

Main contractor
MOLD architects

Structural Engineer; Studio 265
Mechanical Engineer; TEAM M-H
Lighting Design; Nikos Adrianopoulos

Other contractors
QOOP Greece, Staridas, Papanastasiou WOOD, egreen, Karatolios, ALUSIDE Aluminium Products & Constructions, Pool Center – Vári

Alumil, Aluminum systems for windows & doors, AkzoNobel, Tsokas Materials, Interplants, Renovat Greece

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