Music School of Ipavec composers Šentjur

The project aimed to revitalize a historically and culturally significant building located in the old town of Šentjur. The studio’s goal was to breathe new life into this area by introducing fresh programs and facilities. To cater to the needs of the music school, they constructed a brand-new concert hall, designed to showcase the talents of young learners and musicians. However, it can also serve as a venue for various local performances and concerts. Excellent acoustics in the concert hall were a top priority. The studio wanted to infuse the venue with a warm, traditional feel, so they selected natural materials, particularly wood, which dominate the hall’s design. The ceiling, inspired by waves, adds a rhythmic pulse to the space, complementing the outstanding acoustics and enveloping the audience in a captivating atmosphere during performances. Additionally, they built several smaller classrooms intended for music practice by students who play a variety of instruments.


Studio List d.o.o.; Miha Prosen, Zdenko Prosen, Vanja Milosavljević

Municipality of Šentjur

Year of completion

Šentjur, Slovenia

Total area
457,25 m2

Matjaž Očko

Project Partners

Acoustic design: Gorup – Audio, Stojan Gorup s.p.; Building structures design: Proming d.o.o., Tomaž Klančnik; Electrical installation design: SI-Enering; Projektiranje in inženiring, Vladimir Goste, s.p.; Hardware installations design: REM Projekt d.o.o., Maksimiljan Rozman; Fire safety design: Požarna varnost, Aleš Hudernik, s.p.; Construction: Domgrad, d.o.o.; Branko Dobovišek

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