MŠC Kungota

The construction site is situated in Spodnja Kungota within the cadastral municipality of Mali Rošpoh near Maribor. A newly constructed multi-purpose cultural and sports facility, complete with stands, will function as a cultural and sports center for local associations and residents in the Kungota Municipality area.

The design of the new facility is based on a suitable programmatic and functional foundation, which will contribute both substantively and architecturally to the area’s value.


Kubico domino arhitekti d.o.o.; Maja Dominko, Goran Dominko

Občina Kungota

Year of completion

Kungota, Slovenia

Total area
1.1191,79 m2

Site area
3.236,56 m2

Kubico domino arhitekti

Project Partners

Project of structural elements: Re-ing d.o.o.; Matej Kramar

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