Moove kitchen system

Moove is a kitchen system and boiserie designed to organise and enhance the kitchen. This system consists of 2/3 aluminium profiles integrated with a back panel and customised with a wide range of accessories. Moove system helps to optimise space between cabinets and worktop, keep it clutter-free and have all kitchen accessories organised in one place. Moove enhance the kitchen adding personality. In fact this solution is completely customisable, clients can choose the backsplash material, profiles length, accessories and if integrate the LED lighting. Accessories can moove along the grooves and be placed weherever you like and the shelves inserts can match with the kitchen backsplash. Moove is sustainable. Profiles and accessories are made of aluminium, a lightweight, durable and fully recyclable material. The system is completely disassemblable (there are only mechanical joints, no glue or similar) and recyclable according to the DFD (Design for Disassembly) rules. Moove unlike other similar products, combines kitchen racks (aluminium profiles), backsplash and LED lighting in one single solution, without requiring additional work/drilling on the cabinet or kitchen back.


Andrea Federici Consulting SRL, Italy

Damiano Latini SRL, Italy

Year of production

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