Mirrors of Zlín

The multimedia exhibition portrays 700 years of Zlín’s history. In the initial segment, we explore writer Pavel Kosatik’s unique perspective on the city’s evolution, enriched with our own illustrations. This establishes an intergenerational dialogue between text and imagery, shaping the exhibition’s overall narrative. Following this, visitors are immersed in a film depicting key moments in Zlín’s past, capturing various seasons and lighting conditions.

The exhibition’s centerpiece is a collection of fluid sculptures nestled among the park’s majestic trees. At dawn, the sculptures come alive with the voices of real and fictional characters from different eras. As dusk descends, they emit a sound composition celebrating cyclical time, seasonal changes, and astronomical events like equinoxes and solstices. Musical compositions are derived from recordings of seventeen bell towers across the Zlín region, with each month featuring the voice of a different bell resonating through the park. Dynamic lighting enhances the auditory experience, providing a playful alternative to traditional park lighting.


Loom on the Moon

Statutární město Zlín

Year of completion

Zlín, Czech Republic

Total area
36.000 m2

Site area
64,4 m2

BoysPlayNice Photography & Concept

Project Partners

Production: byPINK; Karel Poupě
Graphics: superlative.works; Petr Štěpán
Construction: AVT Group; Jakub Antoš

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