We are a studio that has been active in the field of architecture for almost 20 years. You can find us in the center of Olomouc in Eastern part of Czech Republic. Our team, led by architect Miroslav Pospíšil, deals mainly with modern architecture and urbanism. We are working on modifications of existing buildings and on the design of new ones. We design buildings from an ideological architectural study through all phases of project documentation, including the interior equipment project. In the implementation of our buildings, we also perform author supervision, which we try to ensure, in particular, that the result is in accordance with the original design. Our goal is to improve the environment in which we live. We want the buildings you meet in your city to be of high quality and to raise the level of the surroundings in which they are located. At the same time we strive to make them pleasant and functional especially for their users.

Portrait photo: Lukáš Navara