Milan Dinevski is an architect and curator based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Currently, he is the project manager of the Future Architecture Platform at the Museum of Architecture and Design MAO in Ljubljana. The Future Architecture Platform is the first pan–European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers that promotes ideas by emerging creative practitioners for the future of cities and architecture to the wider public. He curated the exhibition Living with Water – Southern Fringe of Ljubljana dealing with urban development scenarios that explore the synergetic relationships between humankind and the natural environment.

Together with PhD Damjan Kokalevski, he is co-founder of City Creative Network (CCN), a citizen initiative and research center based in Skopje. CCN develops design concepts and editorial work with cross-disciplinary teams of students, architects, artists and other professionals worldwide.
Among others, he collaborated with BevkPerovic Architects from Ljubljana, Archipelagos design studio from New York and was part of the collective KUD C3 Ljubljana.
He started his education at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje and is a holder of MArch degree from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. His work is focused on various initiatives, projects and research that connect urban planning, education, activism and city authorities.

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