After finishing studies at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2002) and post-graduate study at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2005, parametric architecture) Miha Čebulj have collaborated within prominent architectural offices (OMA, Sadar+Vuga) among others.

As an architect – project manger of a large-scale design projects in Slovenia (Multipurpose sports hall Stožice, Multipurpose sports hall Portoval, Air traffic control center Brnik) and Europe wide (SOAG Building for the study of social work and Sports hall in Ghent, Belgium) he gained extensive experience in all design stages as well as at the process of the construction. Skills of managing and co-working within interdisciplinary teams in different economic and social context brought an additional enrichment to understanding of architectural research and practice.

Much of the Miha´s realizations seek the added value to the given program within the qualities of the ambience development, deriving from the critical observation of context, being natural, physical, social, psychologic, or built. The environment created in that interactive design process includes the user and its activity within the space.

Miha´s PhD study is dealing with the development of the critical reflection towards design methods to devise responsiveness in architecture. The topic of interest can be traced in his previous research work on parametric design, that has been publicly presented at many exhibitions europewide (individual exhibitions in Barcelona, Ljubljana, group exhibitions in Venice, Rotterdam, the Hague, Ljubljana), and published in the professional magazines (Archis, AB Arhitektov Bilten, Zeppelin, etc.). From 2015 to 2017 Miha was a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of architecture, Ljubljana.

Miha has organized and participated at the exhibitions (galleries Dessa, Kresija, TR3 in Ljubljana, Iaac in Barcelona), lectures (at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana and Zagreb, at the Polis University in Tirana, at the Elastik office in Amsterdam, etc.) and as workshop mentor (International workshop at the Polis Universitz Tirana, International workshop at the Stožice site in Ljubljana, International summer academy in Zurich, Switzerland, etc.).


Sportina Digi Hub

Sportina Digi Hub; Miha Čebulj Arhitektura; Miha Čebulj │BIG SEE Awards 2018


Interior of the House NB


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