Why to participate in BIG SEE Awards?

You want your business to grow, your work appreciated, you want something new and fun – meet new people and to work with the best, find incredible creativity, spectacular inspiration, unexpected people and life-altering relevance.

BIG SEE Awards were launched as regional awards to systematically explore and promote the creative and business potential of the Southeast Europe. With the ambition of connecting creativity beyond regional boundaries, they have outgrown regional frameworks and become international.
Nowadays BIG SEE Awards contribute to promotion of unique and original creative achievements in architecture, interior, wood, tourism, product and fashion design globally.
By winning an award the recipients have many possibilities to achieve international recognition of their work.

Who are Project Partners?

Project partners are contractors, suppliers and clients involved in the BIG SEE award-winning projects. They are granted an unique opportunity to present their excellence to business partners and potential customers.

Partner’s Benefits

  • Award-winning project references for professionals: architects, business partners, and clients
  • Brand excellence recognition in the region and beyond
  • Inclusion of your brand in the architectural eco-system
  • Networking with the leading business and creative elite from the region
  • Flexible and cost-effective promotional concept
  • The BIG SEE omnichannel promotion: events, print, digital


21 countries, 350 million people, 55.000-65.000 visitors, 400-500 exhibitors, 30.000-70.000 readers, 1.000+ awarded projects per year


Apply for Awards

To expose and promote their excellence, the suppliers and contractors as project partners have an opportunity to submit project for the BIG SEE Awards in the categories Architecture, Interior, Wood and Tourism Design. Manufacturers have also an option to submit their work in categories Product and Wood Design.

By winning the Award, the recipients have many possibilities to achieve international recognition of their work.

Submit your work


May 5, 2022


Big Architecture Festival is the leading business and educational event related to advanced architecture in the region. It strengthens business success and attractiveness of the Southeast Europe by researching, evaluating, and promoting architectural excellence.


  • Critical regionalism
  • Light in Architecture
  • Intelligent Façades

A selection of internationally-engaged experts addresses these issues through their exceptional work and through a dynamic dialogue.

Awards Ceremony

BIG SEE Awards recognise, promote and connect authors, investors and partners in various projects and expose the architectural excellence of the Southeast Europe.

Winners’ Dinner Party and Award ceremony

Winners’ dinner party is entirely reserved for the BIG SEE Award winners and Project partners, starts at 7 pm, April 8 and continues with the BIG SEE Award ceremony.

Price: 70 € / person

Conference lecture

Project partners are also given the opportunity to have a 15 min lecture within the framework of the Conference module “Architecture Solutions”. Theme 1: Light in Architecture, Theme 2: Intelligent Façades

Price: 1.000 €

Trade Show Exhibition

Visitors: 1.000+

Trade show enables contacts with architects, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, investment advisers, project leaders, urbanists, shop fitters, state and institutional decision-makers, property developers, lecturers, students. It familiarizes architects with new materials, innovative technologies and advanced solutions related to implementation of high-quality architecture.

Innovative Concept

  • The original exhibition units: Trade Show provides a new, proactive way of communication by means of a unique Trade Show Exhibition Units that takes the visitors through a clear and uniform concept of the stands.
  • Architecture shows: short promo & PR events organised by exhibitor at one’s own exhibition space shall raise the visibility of a trademark and attract different business partners and clients (i.e. meeting with brand visionary: owner, general manager, architect, designer,…).
  • An array of various accompanying, educational and social activities such as lectures, presentations, awards, individual meetings, exhibitions, networking etc.
  • Networking with the BIG SEE Awards winners.

Exhibition Unit A

Trade Show

  • Exhibition object (250 x 125 x 250 cm)
  • Architecture Show
  • Architecture 180˚ (3 min on stage trend presentation)
  • Novelty presentation on web (1-3 photos, 500 characters)
  • Exhibitor’s logo on e-invitations, website, and all event displays
  • 20 VIP daily tickets

BIG SEE Winners’ Dinner Party & Grand Prix Award Ceremony

  • Sponsor mention at the awards giving ceremony 
  • Video presentation at the event displays (up to 5 seconds)
  • Logo inclusion in the main stage’s video presentation
  • Logo placement on the main stage’s panel
  • 2 VIP invitations 

Project partner price: 4.800
Regular price: 6.000 €

Exhibition Unit B

Trade Show

  • Exhibition desk (50 x 100 x 100 cm)
  • Architecture Show
  • Architecture 180˚ (3 min on stage vision presentation)
  • Novelty presentation on web (1-3 photos, 500 characters)
  • Exhibitor’s logo on e-invitations, website, and all event displays
  • 5 VIP daily tickets

BIG SEE Winners’ Dinner Party & Grand Prix Award Ceremony

  • Sponsor mention at the awards giving ceremony
  • Logo inclusion in the main stage’s video presentation
  • 2 VIP invitations

Project partner price: 2.400 €
Regular price: 3.000 €


www.bigsee.eu: 51.000 visitors/month

The BigSEE website platforms represent the most essential BigSEE idea and mission with an aim to recognises the great production and potential of an array of spheres and sectors, spanning from architecture and design to business, science, education and politics.

Groups of interest
Business and creative elite, managers, policy makers, media representatives, investors, architects, interior designers, product designers, woodworkers, tourism managers, opinion makers and other interested groups.


Banner enables companies to showcase an advertising campaign in a visually striking way. Motion graphics or html5 scripts can be used to gain higher attention in the run of site.

900×100 px, jpg, link
Project partner price: 800 € / month (regular price: 1.500 €)


Logo placement on the front page
Project partner price: 300  / month (regular price: 500 €)

Logo “Powered by” positioned in a sidebar of all project posts
Project partner price: 400  / month (regular price: 600 €)


Customized and carefully prepared articles providing readers with an in-depth insight into a brand, referring to to artist cobranded, brand story or product news. After a one-month exposure on the front page, an advertorial shall stay on the website for an indefinite period of time.

Content (2,000 characters), main photo (1100 px x 737 px), 3-5 photos with subtitles, logo, brand website links & social media channels placement

Project partner price: 900 €
Regular price: 1.600 €

Brand Profile

Project Partners have a privilege to show their professional excellence through their website brand profiles.

Brand profile renders possible website highlights by:
– exclusive company reference card: 2,000 characters, 3-5 images, logo b&w, website links & social media channels, HQ address, showroom locations, market sector, contacts
– connecting a brand with the winning BigSEE projects
– Instagram section integrated
– exposure in randomly featured brand’s section displayed on the bigsee.eu front page
– brand profile in “Project Partners” section
– presentation of up to 3 featured products / projects (text, images / link to your product video)
– possible inclusion of other contents (advertorials, interviews, video clips)

 profile update; description, contacts etc. – ongoing
references update  – once per year
featured products / projects update; up to 3 new / best products / projects that represent the excellence of the brand – once per year

Project partner price: 1.000 / year
Regular price: 1.800 / year


Facebook BigSEE – where life is creativity: 19.000 followers
Instagram bigsee_wherelifeiscreativity: 5.000 followers

The BigSEE Social media channels enable project partners to be promoted through our network containing more than 21.000 social-media followers on Facebook and Instagram. Our bespoke posts offer a comprehensive insight into your company by presenting  the awarded project(s). It is a great opportunity to reach your specific target group in a specific country.

Social Media Posts

Every post consists of one Facebook & one Instagram post with the link to a partner’s Facebook profile.

A: 1 post on Facebook & Instagram, reach 36.000 – 102.000, 600 € 
B: 1 sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram, reach 57.000 – 160.000, 1.000 €
C: 1 sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram, reach 99.000 – 288.000, 2.000 €


60.000 subscribers

Zavod Big regularly sends e-newsletter to various architects, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, media representatives and other interested public, thus informing them about the programme content, BigSEE award winners and magazine publications.


750×100 px, jpg
Project partner price800  / campaign
Regular price: 1.500 € / campaign


Artist cobranded, brand story, product news (title, photo: 370×270 px, jpg., 200 characters)
Project partner price:  600  / campaign
Regular price: 1.100 € / campaign


Project partner price300  / campaign
Regular price: 500 € / campaign

Use of BIG SEE Awards Project Partner logo

Project partners in the BIG SEE awarded architectural projects have an opportunity for using a project partner logo lifetime as a confirmation of its brand professional excellence.

Price: 950 €

Partner packages represent a unique omnichannel approach to establishing a regional recognisability of your brand. The list of recommended options is based on 3 comprehensive package offers:

Basic Package

– Full page advertisement in BigSEE Report

Brand profile on website

Social Media Campaign
Sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram reach: 36.000 – 102.000

– Use of BigSEE Awards Project Partner logo

Project partners price: 3.100 
Regular price: 5.000 €

Plus Package

Sponsorship of one BIG SEE Debate

Before the debate event:

  • sponsor mention in a sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram, reach 57.000 – 160.000
  • logo inclusion in the website, social media campaigns, e-newsletter

During the debate event:

  • 2-time sponsor mention (at the beginning and at the end of the debate)
  • 2-time photo exposure during the debate (1 photo with a logo, 4 seconds)
  • logo inclusion in the graphics presenting debate supporters (at the beginning and at the end of the debate)

After the debate event:

  • an accessible video clip containing all sponsor exposures that will be available to all interested audiences for an indefinite period of time

Two-day Architecture Trade show

  •  Exhibition unit – half object 3 m²
  •  Architecture 180˚ (3 min presentation)
  •  Architecture Show (promo & PR event)
  •  Novelty presentation on web
  •  Wall board 40×40 cm with brand logo
  •  Exhibitor’s logo on all event promo material