Inspiration: During my studies at Central Saint Martins we were given a project that was supposed to be based on our fears which we had to represent as a fashion project. Since my childhood I have had a huge fear of the sea and so far I have never ever entered the sea or river. My astrology sign is Scorpio and my biggest fear is sea and sinking. Scorpio is a poisonous stinging insect that symbolizes pain and death
which is related to black colour (the main colour of my life) and my fear.



Collection or creation: BLACK SCORPIO DRESS
Designer and / or studio: Marko Potkozarac Feher / MARKO FEHER
Materials and techniques: vegan black leather
Photography: Zena Holloway
Year of production: 2017
Designer’s country of origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina / UK
Country of brand origin: UK

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