Maletira – slow living retreat

Maletira retreat emerges as a bastion of tranquility, a sanctum where guests are ushered into a realm of calm and renewal. This haven is shaped by a philosophy of simplicity and enclosure, drawing its inspiration from the austere beauty of monastic architecture. In the thoughtful incorporation of traditional architectural motifs – the arches, domes and stone walls, lies our definition of luxury. It is a luxury that eschews the ornate for the elemental, finding opulence in the authenticity of materials, the generosity of space, and a seamless communion with nature. The design emulates the organic layout of a serene village, with its communal piazzas, contemplative rest spots, and pathways that invite exploration and reflection. The inclusion of indoor gardens, thriving with native aromatic plants and healing herbs, ensures that nature’s presence is felt continuously, nurturing both body and spirit.



Year of completion

Rethymno, Crete, Greece

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