Maison Rouge Club House

The 10-story clubhouse is located on Palikha Street in the Tverskoy district of Moscow. The name, meaning “Red House” in French, accurately reflects the essence of the building’s architectural look – clinker brick in terracotta and reddish shades serves as the main cladding material. Due to the interspersing of various tones, the resulting volume of the building appears either brown or, more often, pink in different lighting conditions.

In plan view, the building has a rectangular shape approaching a square, and a block with these same proportions served as the basis for the grid that determined the appearance of the facades. The floors are separated by equal-width bands, with only the top level (where the penthouses are located) and the lowest level (which is the floor of the second story) marked with wider bands.

A special allure is given to these elements by the textured angled masonry, so the building’s appearance is constantly transformed depending on the angle and intensity of lighting.


ADM Architects

Year of completion

Moscow, Russia

Total area
5.622,4 m2

Yaroslav Lukianchenko

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