MAiRA (Multi-sensing Intelligent Robotic Assistant) is the world’s first commercially available cognitive robot. Using its integrated artificial intelligence and sensors, MAiRA can perceive its surroundings and is able to easily adapt to any industrial environment. Novel touchless safe human detection technology gives MAiRA the ability to recognize humans and enables true collaboration between human and robot. The integrated voice recognition allows users to easily give commands. The robust and rigid design merges the performance of a high-end machine with easy programming and infinite possibilities for interaction – both for beginners and experts: the tablet-based graphical user interface visualizing MAiRA in a three-dimensional space enables users to easily move all robot joints and to create applications using an intuitive drag-and-drop system. Through its cognitive skills, MAiRA will reshape productivity and safety in industrial, commercial, and social environments around the world.


NEURA Robotics, Germany

NEURA Robotics, Germany

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