bada&bou collection

“When love creates new friends for a lifetime”

bada&bou was launched in 2019 by German-French designer Olivia Herms. As a founder and mother of two small kids she wants to create unique, playful and timeless pieces that appeal to both children and adults in their modern homes. Her first collection is bringing together joyful friends in form of three animals which invite to an active, sensory play: Your kids can rock, balance and relax with the rocking whale “ba”, hopp around with the jumping rabbit “da” or take is as an seating ball and sit in and drive around with our rolling elephant “bou”. Handmade in Italy from high quality materials this collection of play furniture will enchant kids from small on and future generations to come. By this experience they will stay valuable and relevant over time and teach our children a more sustainable lifestyle.

„If you want to change the world you have to start from childhood“


Olivia Herms, Germany

Manufacturer close to Padova, Italy

Year of production

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