Mabo One Coffee Shop

At Mabo One coffee shop, the design has woven the subtle framework where one can discover and enjoy the real star: the coffee and the spirit of the entire process defining it. The playful coexistence of light (the white bar) and dark (the shop area) shades enhance the burst of energy and colour of the MABO visual identity, which catches the eye of passers-by right from the street. The organic universe, the lines of the MABO logo, inspired not only the mirrors or the roundness of the accent lamps, but also the central table – an invitation to communication, positioned right in the heart of the space. At MABO ONE, there is a harmonious communication between the interior design and the outdoor space related to the coffee shop. MABO ONE is a gustatory-olfactory-visual experience that, by staging the essential elements of a café’s universe, convinces one to come back for spending time in the company of a cup of coffee.


441 Design Powerhouse; Alina Filipoiu, Anca Dumitrescu

Mabo Roastery

Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
55 m2

Sabin Prodan

Project Partners

Loisir Design, Coltul cu Mobila, Space Lighting

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