Loom Athens Hotel

Loom Athens is situated in the historic Kerameikos area, in downtown Athens, Greece. Nestled within an artistic neighborhood, the design team at ATN Constructions seeks to craft an architectural narrative that intertwines Greek archetypes and heritage with contemporary forms, celebrating ceramics and loom arts.

A bespoke ceramic brick, reminiscent of Athenian design from the 1960s, provides both privacy and plays with light across the facades. An enclosed garden interrupts the dense urban fabric, introducing an interplay of solids and voids within the architecture. Organic solid forms alternate with metallic railings that rhythmically mimic the abstract proportions of loom threads. The surfaces echo the relief found on the columns of the Parthenon.

Vibrant colors inspired by the Minoan civilization and the “hidden” polychromy of the Parthenon Frieze are juxtaposed with fresh pastel shades. The dominant presence of Egyptian blue, a hue observed on Greek statues, sets the tone. This fusion of colors and forms creates a new semiotic language, blending industrial design with a pop aesthetic.


ATN Constructions; Chrysoula Vlachou, Chara Mantopoulou, Mary Sfiraki, Melina Charalampidi

Loom Athens Hotel

Year of completion

Athens, Greece

Total area
440 m2

Site area
149 m2

Vanias Xydas

Project Partners

Construction: ΑΤΝ Constructions
Logo design: Sotiris Gritzalis Design Studio
Branding design: Maria-Olga Vlachou
Tiles, sanitary, faucet supplier: RADOS AE
Stone supplier: Gr.stone
Laminate surfaces: Kanelli SA
Aluminum frames: Alumil SA
Doors: Golden Door
Door handles: Convex SA
Lighting design & custom-made lighting items: Mariza Galani
Exterior lighting design: Theodore Kontorigas Architectural Lighting Design
Light suppliers: Samba-Eliezer, Zambelis Lights, LuminArt Antoniadis SA
Interior furniture: Z furniture (custom-made), Vasilis Chirakis (custom-made), Collezione Imports (Afoi Agouridi)
Exterior furniture: Pedrali, Kourtis SA, Moda Bagno
Bathroom accessories: Sanco SA, Urbi et Orbi
Fabrics: Marina Sfakianaki Design Materials, Sarlas Contracts, Michailidis Textile Group, Pennie., Down Town Home, Natural Greek Fabrics
Artworks: Postfolk
Signing: Bratti Hotel Signage

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