The local supplier in Kleinzell is a newly constructed building made of wood, designed in a distinctive freeform style that engages in dialogue with the adjacent historical buildings. A vertical wooden louver structure envelops the building, creating a unique aesthetic while also providing functional interstitial spaces with views both inside and out.

Prior to its construction, the community initiated efforts to establish a local supplier with the option to shop outside regular opening hours. The hall-like character of the organic freeform allows for a multitude of uses, ensuring flexibility for future, unforeseen requirements. The construction has made an innovative contribution to the revitalization of the town center in terms of urban planning, architecture, and functionality. Emphasis was placed on regionalism, diversity, and inclusion during both construction and operation.


Gerald Anton Steiner Architekten ZT GmbH

Gemeinde Kleinzell im Mühlkreis, Austria

Year of completion

Kleinzell im Mühlkreis, Austria

Total area
421 m2

Site area
1.197 m2

Kurt Kuball Architekturfotografie

Project Partners

General contractor: WSG Gemeinnützige Wohn- und Siedlergemeinschaft Linz; Joachim Haubner

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