Light in architecture – new challenges / Invitation to Big Architecture 2021

ONLINE  EVENT, 27. 10, 14.00

In the area of interior design, the role of light goes beyond its functional duty, i.e. to make it possible for us to see something. Light transcends its rational frames and moves into the zone of irrational, even spiritual. This is particularly the case with natural light which, unlike artificial light, is much more complex in its appearance and besides, it is also hard to tame.
Despite its »non-materiality«, light represents a unique building material. That statement can be supported by numerous architectural creations which, due to their exquisite lighting design, are raised above an ambient level to the level of milieu, where an architectural experience shifts from worldly to spiritual. Light, and consequently shadow, can make architecture meaningful and set it into a certain geographical and cultural context of place and time. Between the Sun, which still remains our most durable and sustainable source of light, and a candle flame, which is considered the most intimate lighting, lies an endless sea of possibilities which are, on one hand, supported by modern technology, and on the other by creative excellence and well-considered, innovative use of light in interior design.
Exploring the above-mentioned aspects is precisely what this year’s Big Architecture Festival will be about.

Curator: Tomaž Novljan PhD

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