Kunstuniversität, Linz

Around 60 colored concrete blocks in black and yellow adorn the forecourt of the art university in Linz on the main square. Designed by “Caramel architects”, the gift from the art university Linz to all Linz residents and invites them to linger on the sitting steps and at the same time strengthen the visibility of the university in urban area. Inspired by the temporary seating steps in the same place at “Linz 09”, also Caramel at the time, this newly created form of city furniture is intended to open the art university Linz and the “Splace am Hauptplatz” to the exhibition space on the ground floor of the Art University, towards the main square – and vice versa. Intended as a temporary installation, the installation should be available to Linzers and visitors for at least 3 years. In summer, some of the spray mist even cools you down while lingering on the urban seating landscape.The striking colour scheme also sees itself as an exclamation mark (attention! something is happening here!) by optically highlighting the inconspicuous exterior of the Art University and at the same time guides the visitor to the main entrance of the institution.


Caramel architekten

Universitiy of Arts – Linz

Year of completion

Linz, Austria

Total area
200 m2

Site area
200 m2

Project Partners

Josef Lehner Beton

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